Make your own bleach spray shirt in minutes!

Are you not tired of wearing the same t-shirt as everyone? Don’t you want an item of clothing that reflects who you are? Here is a simple and cheap solution for the biggest of your problem!

What you will need


  • Bleach in a spray bottle
  • Cardboard
  • An ordinary tee-shirt
  • A flat item that you like which is not sensitive to bleach

What you will do

Put your tee-shirt on a flat surface and eliminate the wrinkles.Then insert some cardboard inside it. The cardboard will prevent the bleach to dye the back of your tee-shirt.

Then place your item on your t-shirt where you want the transfer to appear.


And finally, spray some bleach on your item. It will take several minutes to discolour your tee-shirt.


As you can see, I sprayed too much bleach on my t-shirt and it has been absorbed below my surfing fin, shaping a weird drawing.



But eventually I’m happy with the dried result.


Because it reminds me of a whale playing in the water.

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